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If you’re in the adult business you know that many banks deny adult merchant accounts due to legal age restrictions and adult content. To be able to operate your adult business profitably, you need a reliable, safe and affordable adult credit card payment gateway.

CoCard has an expansive network of domestic, offshore and international acquiring banks that establish adult merchant accounts for the adult industry.

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    Call now to speak with one of The Merchant Store’s expert account executives; they know the ins and outs of merchant accounts for the adult industry.

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    Our extensive and secure network of acquiring banks allows our account executives to find effective and affordable solutions for e-commerce businesses in the adult industry.

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    When you’re approved through CoCard you can begin accepting credit cards through our payment gateway and get paid! We offer weekly and even daily payouts for our clients.

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Our seasoned merchant account executives are here to help you every step of the way in the merchant account process; from application throughout the life of your account, At CoCard we make it easy for you to get an adult merchant account, so call us today or contact us online to get started in accepting payments.

Registration for Adult Businesses Globally

CoCard works with merchants worldwide, including those in the USA, Canada, UK, and Australia. Although we believe that all legal and legitimate adult merchants deserve a chance to accept payments online, we are unable to work with businesses registered in countries in the midst of war or unrest.

Card Processing Fees for Adult E-Commerce Sites

Fees assessed by CoCard for your adult business are affordable as well as competitive. The underwriting department at CoCard will match you with one of our trusted bankers; one that will best fit your individual business and that can provide you with the best possible credit card processing for your adult website.

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The Application Process at CoCard and Payouts for Clients

You may need to submit the following underwriting documents.

    • Completed Adult Merchant Account Application
    • Résumé or CV
    • Valid Photo ID or Passport
    • Business License(s) Required by Law
    • Business and Marketing Plan
    • Credit Card Processing History
    • Personal Bank Reference Letter and Statements
    • Proof of Domain Ownership
    • Personal Utility Bill
    • Company Bank Reference Letter and Statements
    • Certificate of Incorporation or Registration
    • Supplier’s Agreement

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